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@von_rostock some tweets on movies I watch & games I make

Art & Games
Pico8 CodeArt - PICO8 tweetcarts
Voracious - hack&slash with story about lust and greed and minimal vector gfx
Fox on the Carpet - a puzzle game I'm doing with Maria. It will feature one fox and lot's of carpets
BVOVB - Bruising Vengeance of the Vintage Boxer is a street brawler with mustaches and pugilists extracted from old pictures
The Bear, the Cat and the Rabbit / Niedźwiedź, Kot i Królik / L'Ours, le Chat et le Lapin - the comic book / komiks / la bande dessinée
The Bear, the Cat and the Rabbit - gra wideo / a video game / jeu video

TOBAFCASS - Thief of Bagdad: A flying carpet arabian side shooter
The Beast - unfortunately cancelled action adventure game
Grzyby / Fungi - the true inspiration for The Bear...
Johann Reinhold Forster - failed Johann Forster game project / niechciana gra o Johanie Forsterze
Rottweiler4k - Java 4K competition entry with a source code!
Krupki - game designed by my Malina / gra, którą zaprojektowała Malina
SLINGRIG - IKEA Pillow Game - Unity version; or Scratch game made from scratch
GLORY OR DEATH - Pacman game made in 1h
Dehydrated - minimalist game in 1kb of compressed code where you search for water
The Wall Builder - existential art-game about walls
Find a Way - A real life simulator of tile slide playground puzzle
The Creep - You are trapped in the inescapable prison of your own conscience. A 256 bytes game for Lovebyte Party. my games @ my games @ and code

Other bizzarre stuff
Arbeit macht frei - 3e's first office

Some links
My favorite Artist / Moja Ulubiona Artystka

Czarnoziem / Blacksand
Grupa Artystyczna Kotlet
Stacja Defekacja & Gędzior i Jabol Pan!