Short description
    Voracious is a a hack and slash action game that tells a story of lust and greed.

    Every young man from your clan must prove himself worthy. 
    To do so one must set forth on a quest and slay the voracious demon. 
    You have waited for this your whole life. Now it is your time. 

    The game was inspired by classic fantasy action games (Golden Axe, Rastan) where 
    hero fights hordes of enemies. In Voracious however, the story is more important 
    than the thrill of simple combat. This is not a story about revenge or treasure 
    hunting but the story about human worst traits – greed and lust for power. As 
    video game players often mindlessly focus on powering up their characters 
    Voracious explores this behavior in the narrative. The art style goes further 
    into simplicity than common retro pixel games. It uses ultra-simple black and 
    white vector graphics. 

People involved
    Michał Rostocki – idea, concept, coding and some art
    Maria Rostocka – art
    Mateusz Wiśniewski – story
    Aubo Lessi - music

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